• Almond milk
    For 1 liter almond milk: Soak 200 grams of raw Mallorcan almonds IGP Ametlla de Mallorca, with or without skin, in mineral water for 8 hours. After this… Read More »Almond milk
  • Gató Mallorquín
    Almond-based sponge cake with a soft and fluffy crumb. Ingredients: – 6 fresh eggs (separate the whites from the yolks) – 200g sugar – 200g chopped raw almonds… Read More »Gató Mallorquín
  • Coca de Torró
    Mallorcan nougat cake is a very easy recipe to make, in which the main ingredient is almond. Ingredients: – 4 wafers (neules) – 200 gr ground almonds –… Read More »Coca de Torró
  • Almond soup
    Almond soup is a traditional Christmas recipe that is very quick and easy to prepare. The main ingredients are almonds and cream. Ingredients: Preparation: 1. In a… Read More »Almond soup