White food with banana

It is a very traditional recipe from our island and practically extinct with the Civil War. In fact, today its consumption is very scarce, but in Mallorca a time was one of the most typical desserts of Christmas.

This ancient recipe has Arab origin and was imported to Mallorca during its Muslim conquest. The ingredients to make it usually varied according to each family, but the main ones were: poultry broth, toasted and minced almonds, very beaten egg reds, powdered cinnamon, black pepper, sugar and starch.  Although there is also a sweet version, without poultry broth, eggs or pepper.

At the HORECA 2024 fair, the Mallorcan chef Sebastià Grimalt (Sessència Mediterrània group), secretary of the Association of Affinated Cooks in the Balearic Islands (Ascaib) and ambassador of KilómetroCero slow food, reinterpreted this sweet recipe with a white meal of banana and Mallorca almonds, unifying two very traditional desserts: on the one hand the white food, and on the other hand, the twin banana.

It is a very simple recipe for which we will only need these ingredients:

  • 1/2 kilo of Mallorca’s raw peeled almond,
  • 70 grams of wheat starch
  • Two bananas
  • A lemon climb
  • A cinnamon grill
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • One litre of water


To make almond milk, put the half kilo of almonds in soak in the litre of water for four hours in a container that is somewhat covered. Once this time has passed, without sneaking the almond milk, we will remove a tasson and keep it to mix it later with the wheat flour.

In another pot we will put the two bananas in very small pieces and we will crush everything in order to get a pasta. Suddenly, we will light the fire and add the almond milk we had made before. We will also add the lemon claw, the cinnamon branch and the 200 grams of sugar.

We will carry everything at high temperature and stir with some rods, we will also add the tasson we had kept with almond milk and wheat flour. We will stir the whole mixture until it swallows to our liking. Once the fire is stopped, we will leave the mixture to cool in the gelera for about five hours. With the result we can fill bunyols, ensaimadas, pasta of leaves or small ice cream wafers.

It is recommended to decorate with pieces of almonds from Mallorca toasted above the desserts, since in this way we will accentuate its flavor. Good profit!