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In 2014, the European Union awarded the almond of Mallorca the Protected Geographical Indication for the whole territory of the European Union. The defence of the specific designation, the application of its regulations, as well as the promotion and control of the Majorcan almond, is entrusted to the Regulatory Council and the competent authority IQUA.



Sr. D. Antoni Bonafé Ramis

Processing members

Jaume Llabrés

Juan Velasco Bruckner


Sr. D. Antoni Garcias Simón


M. Francisca Parets Amengual

Producer members

Juan Morey Darder

Matías Balaguer Mas

Rafael Coll Pons

Mateu Llobera Martorell

Communications Manager

Rodrigo de Miguel Villalonga

Almonds with sea flavour

MISSION Our mission is to promote the differentiation of an agricultural product with unique characteristics provided by the island.

VISION We have the vision to generate above-average incomes for the operators of this product covered by the IGP.

VALUES The preservation of a very traditional product and landscape in Mallorca, as well as a crop that has become almost a way of life on the island.

Almond of Mallorca


IGP Almendra de Mallorca / Almendra Mallorquina is the quality designation that guarantees the link between the almond and its origin, and endorses the methods used to obtain a product noted for its excellence and flavour. Its reputation and benefits are due to its high lipid content and fatty acid profile; added to its aromatic intensity, it provides a unique identity and flavour to Mallorcan almonds. This creates a myriad of culinary applications, applied over the years, exerting a great influence on the island’s gastronomic culture. The Majorcan almond is available raw or roasted, with or without skin and in organic and conventional varieties, providing a variety applicable to all kinds of culinary creations and treatments.