Almendra de Mallorca


The IGP Almendra de Mallorca / Almendra Mallorquina is the seal of quality that guarantees the link between the almond and its origin, and endorses the methods used to obtain a product that stands out for its excellence and flavour. Its reputation and benefits are due to its high lipid content and its fatty acid profile which, combined with its aromatic intensity, give the almond from Mallorca a unique identity and flavour. An almond with endless culinary applications, applied for years and with a great influence on the island’s gastronomic culture. The Majorcan almond is available raw or roasted, with or without skin and in organic and conventional varieties, providing a variety applicable to all kinds of culinary creations and treatments.


The Almendra de Mallorca, in all its varieties, has a number of unique qualities:


A unique and very distinctive, slightly sweet, not at all acidic and with an intense aroma.


High lipid content and its fatty acid profile provide great health benefits.


A complete adaptation to the island ecosystem, which provides unique morphological and organoleptic differences.


The almonds are presented in different formats, within the conventional or organic categories. This guarantees a wide variety to be used for different purposes.

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