Stores and establishments in Mallorca offer recipes made with Majorcan IGP almonds on the occasion of the world day.

Santa Maria, February 21, 2023 – February 16 is internationally recognized as World Almond Day. For this reason, several restaurants, bakeries and other stores offer recipes and products made with Majorcan IGP almonds. This initiative has been possible thanks to the support of the Department of Economic Promotion and Local Development of the Consell de Mallorca.

This promotion will run until Saturday, February 25. The participants are 8 restaurants, 3 bakeries and more than 30 stores in which the Majorcan PGI almonds are being promoted in this way. In addition, the almonds can be found at the usual points of sale. The list of participants is as follows:

Bakeries: Forn i pastisseria Trías C.B., Can Pomar y Es forn,

Restaurants: El Bandarra, Café Capritxo, El Patio de Gloria, Tasca y Arroces el Puente, Can Polit, S’Era de Pula, Dins Santi Taura y Cor Barra i taula.

Stores: Cooperativa de Sòller, Camp Mallorquí, Cooperativa agrícola de Porreres, Cooperativa de Llucmajor, Cooperativa Agrícola Simó Tort, Cooperativa Agrícola de Andraitx Soc. Coop., Cooperativa Pagesa d’Inca, Especias Crespí, Hiper Centro, Carrefour, Alcampo Palma, Noghal Gourmet, Centros BIP BIP y IFA.

Among the elaborations that can be found we have the eggplant stuffed with meat with Majorcan IGP almond sauce, ajoblanco of Majorcan almond with salted toffe of toasted almond and langoustine, gyozas of black pork with sauce and toffe of Majorcan IGP almond or cheesecake with cookie and praline of Majorcan almond and its garrapiñada. All this without missing the gatò elaborated with authentic Majorcan IGP almond.

You can also find bitters, an almond and orange sponge cake with almond guacamole, mango ice cream and toasted IGP almond crumble.

El Consejo Regulador de la Indicación Geográfica Protegida Ametlla de Mallorca has making a map ( all the collaborating establishments that can be consulted on social networks and on the website of the PGI Ametlla de Mallorca: