The IGP Ametlla de Mallorca and Camp Mallorquí sign an agreement with AnySolution to modernize the almond sector on the island with data

It will serve to implement the European project ‘Data4Food 2030’ on food data economy and to build a more efficient, fair and sustainable sector

The president of the IGP, Miquel Riera, stressed that it will make the work in the peasantry “ easier” and that it will be fundamental “to be able to tune those of us who are heading”

The IGP Ametlla de Mallorca and the Camp Mallorquí cooperative have signed an agreement with the company AnySolution to exchange and work together the data of the island’s almond sector to build a more efficient, fair and sustainable sector. The collaboration will serve to implement the European project ‘Data4Food 2030’ on the food data economy and modernize the sector.

According to the president of the Regulatory Council of the IGP, Miquel Riera, at the signing of the agreement, with this project “we will be able to make our work easier and above all efficient”, and added that it will be essential “to be able to refine who we are addressing or improve all industrial processes”. He also wanted to “help to continue advancing in a better agriculture for everyone” and to make this “an attractive and future option for the new generations”.

On the part of the Camp Mallorquí cooperative, its president Miquel Gual has expressed that “this agreement will give us tools that will make us more competitive as a sector if we know how to take advantage of them”. Gual has also said that the data economy is vital in the future of the sector. And in this sense, he said that “we want to continue sowing our land, continue producing, because after all, one of the most important trades in the world is to be a farmer so that everyone can eat”.

AnySolution has also explained that with ‘Data4Food 2030’, what the European Commission intends to do is to “awareness about the importance of data to improve decision-making and increase the competitiveness of the food sector”, and this “can only be done with data shared and correctly analyzed”, said its CEO Dolores Ordóñez.

The ultimate goal of ‘Data4Food 2030’ is to share knowledge and shape the data economy in the European Union’s food systems, with strategies to achieve sustainable results by 2030 from visions of 2050. It must be said that this project, with 25 partners, is part of the ‘Horitzó Europa’ programme and that agreements and workshops are being held in six EU countries. It has a duration of four years and has a budget of 10 million euros.