The IGP Ametlla de Mallorca and Ascaib sign an agreement to continue promoting this product through cooking and training

The collaboration includes recipes, showcookings at events and fairs or joint training workshops for students of cooking FP on Mallorcan almonds

The Ametlla de Mallorca Protected Geographical Indication and the Association of Fincated Cooks in the Balearic Islands (Ascaib), representatives of their respective presidents, chef José Cortés and Miquel Riera, have today signed a collaboration agreement to continue promoting this product through professional cuisine and training. The agreement includes the elaboration of recipes and ‘showcookings’ with Mallorcan almonds at fairs and events, as well as joint training workshops for Vocational Training students of Kitchen and Rebosteria of some institutes.

The two entities wanted to formalize the signing of this agreement at the Almond Farm of Maynou, in Consell. A gesture, according to the chef, “to remember that, when we use Mallorcan almonds to cook or consume it, we not only help local farmers and production, but we are also helping to preserve this landscape so ours”, highlighting the “great quality” of a product such as Mallorcan almond “with many properties, culinary applications and very healthy”.

For his part, the president of the IGP wanted to thank Ascaib “for the great work they do to publicize and value both our local product, our quality brands such as the IGP Ametlla de Mallorca, and of course also our cuisine,” Miquel Riera said, recalling that “we cannot let such an important legacy be lost at a gastronomic and cultural level, and agreements such as this are key to the creation of our local economy, and to help us.

It should be remembered that Ascaib currently has more than 1,500 professional chefs and cooks associated in total in the Balearic Islands, with more than 7,800 prepared recipes, always using local products and also betting on quality brands, making traditional and innovative elaborations, with the main objective as an entity to “promote the culinary culture of the Balearic Islands”.