The Consell de Mallorca awards the Flor d’Ametller 2024 Award to gastronomic journalist Lydia Esther Corral

The island institution and the IGP Ametlla de Mallorca have awarded him the award for his long career in the dissemination of local products and cuisine

The president of the Consell de Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, presented this Thursday the Flor d’Ametller prize to the Mallorcan gastronomic journalist Lydia Esther Corral, in an event that has been held at the Son Gallard Well almond farm, in Palma.

The Consell de Mallorca and the IGP Ametlla de Mallorca have decided to award the award, which this year celebrates its third edition, for its long career in the dissemination of local products and cuisine, with more than 25 years as a gastronomic journalist in the newspaper Última Hora.

Llorenç Galmés has highlighted the magnificent work carried out by the journalist in the dissemination of the products of our land, and in this particular case, of the almond of Mallorca. “We thank Lídia del Corral for his contribution to the knowledge of Mallorca’s products, our traditions and recipes that have helped to understand our Mallorcan society a little more deeply,” said the president at the beginning of his speech.

“Our Mallorcan almond is much more than an extraordinary fruit of excellent quality in all its varieties and with its own flavor, very characteristic”, because, according to the president “the almond of Mallorca is also part of our landscape; very beautiful in these months of the year, and of the primary sector; essential in the agri-food chain and in the conservation of our fields”.

The ceremony was attended by the island councilor of Economic Promotion and Local Development, Pilar Amate; the general director of Food Quality and Local Product of the Balearic Government, Joan Llabrés; the president of the Regulatory Council of the IGP Ametlla de Mallorca, Miquel Riera and the island director of Commerce, Alfredo Arias, among other representatives of agricultural entities and quality brands.

For her part, the Minister for Economic Promotion has highlighted a product that is cultivated in our land, and has remarked that “its production and production is within a defined geographical area that makes it unique and incomparable”. “They are very versatile: as an aperitif; as an indisputable ingredient in many of our desserts, some as popular as the ‘gató’ of Mallorcan almonds; or as a outstanding product in infinite recipes of traditional Mallorcan cuisine, which make it such a fruit of ours”, said the Minister.

The president of the IGP Ametlla de Mallorca, Miquel Riera, wanted to thank the winner for his speech “helping in the dissemination of the qualities of this local product so ours and remembering its link with our land and culture”. In this sense, he has encouraged everyone to “follow collaboration between the entire primary and food sector, disseminate what is done, which is good and very, and good work in the field”, and he has also celebrated the increasing figures year after year of the PGI.

After the words and the award ceremony, the more than 150 attendees of the event have been able to taste an aperitif of different products with almonds from Mallorca. The prize has been a handmade ceramic jar with a motif of an almond, the work of the well-known potter Miquel Segura.